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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple to operate, Affordable and effective window covering.

We offer a wide range of Blockout Fabrics to provide privacy and Excellent Insulation Qualities or SunScreen fabrics which offer a privacy screen during the day but does not obstruct the outside the view.

Chain control with white PVC beaded chain is standard, with Chrome Metal or Stainless Steel chain as optional extra.

White PVC beaded chain as standard and chrome metal or Stainless Steel optional

An array of decorative fabric colours and textures to suit any design

Sleek aluminium base rail in a range of colours including an anodised and chrome finish

Dual/combo bracket, housing two blinds within the one window recess (one in front of the other) also available. This feature allows for different fabric densities to be installed on the one window, ie. Sheer or screen fabrics maximizing view and block-out when privacy is required.

Chain holders are provided as standard for Child safety

Fabric can be back rolled or front rolled


Sunscreens offer a contemporary feel that allows you to enjoy your views without compromising on privacy.Choose from a wide range of colours across our two flame resistant, light filtering types of material, which will offer you just the right level of light and heat control to suit your needs.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds have a double viewing combingation with great benefits where two roller blinds are mounted to one dual bracket- one being a sheer or translucent and the other a total block out fabric. Each blinds is controlled separately with it’s own side wider, therefore you can enjoy flexibility of a total block out for darkness and privacy and the other to diffuse soft light during the day with a partial block out.

Quality Assurance

Every one of our made-to-measure roller blinds are made to our exacting quality standards. No matter which style of blind you opt for you will be sure to have a fabulous blinds guaranteed to enhance any window in your home. All of our Roller blinds are made from the highest quality materials.