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Window Furnishings

Window Furnishings are products used to cover a window to manage sunlight, to provide additional weatherproofing, to ensure privacy or sometimes security, or for purely decorative purposes. You can choose window furnishings or coverings not only for decoration but also for saving energy. Some carefully selected window furnishing can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Window furnishings increase the privacy of your home and many are designed to increase your homes security. They provide noise and light reduction and can insulate your home against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. There are both internal and external window furnishing available. Internal window furnishing solutions offered by ACA are Plantation shutter and Roller Blinds. The exterior window furnishing solutions offered by ACA are Roller Shutters and Awnings.

Plantation Shutters: Beautiful Plantation Shutters by ACA, the ultimate window solution for your home. No other window furnishing can match versatility and styling of a Plantation Shutter. With Plantation Shutters you acquire beauty, insulation, shade, light block, privacy, air flow and a stylish new look all from one product. There is no other window furnishing that can match Plantation Shutters for versatility and charm. The classic product has never been more affordable than now.

Roller Blinds: Fashionable, clean lines and so affordable. ACA has a wide selection of fabrics to choose from. ACA supply Roller Blinds for residential and commercial applications.

Roller Shutters: ACA Roller Shutters, the ultimate in protection against the elements. Our Roller Shutters come in a great range of colors, you can choose your shutters to be one color or add color highlights with no extra charge. Roller Shutters come in a variety of profile designs to suit your application.

Awnings: ACA Awnings will protect you and your family from the heat and Australian sun. Our professional consultants will advise you on which awning will suit your application best. We have folding arm awning to keep sun off your head so that you can make most of your al fresco areas as well as wide range of awnings to keep heat and sun out of your home.